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by I Am An Exit

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Eraser 03:05
this is the year of repair the time of fixing all affairs i erase all the blame clear the space for new shame i really wonder what it’s like to have these things out of my mind to erase it a bunch of things to rectify i tell the truth about all lies didn’t forget what I did i regret all that shit
Stage One 04:39
not everything here is the same unique fractures, all unnamed not everything is polished clean precious details, all unseen nothing here is falsified no delusion for my eyes a place only for a short time long condemned and doomed to die nothing here is very vain rather simple, no complaint nothing here without a use no excess and no refuse no illusions for my eyes no attempt to prettify made to function, made to stay but i see nothing more today there is nothing more today
Giver 04:40
a novel life a whole bunch of sensations a better life i get you out of a hopeless situation of your broken life join me and I free you from seperation from your old life only imagination in your simple mind pushed around by a feckless installation your former life say goodbye to a misguided creation no one seems to care what has made this nightmare but we like to humiliate them yes, we want it easy yes, we want to be pleased but we don’t want the implications loser moaner grumbler whiner a bunch of lies no more expectations forsaken lifes there is nothing left here but burned gound and frustration burning times a last cry of an abandoned generation we can see the dividers yes we stand a bit higher no, we don’t need to comprehend them yes, we like it easy yes, we are completely pleased if we simply denunciate them
Liar 04:31
there is so much that i have promised to myself a thousand things still need to be done a million ideas i have storaged in my head got to do them before they’re gone please take some weight off my shoulders please also take that getting older oh my pitiless world give me my duties oh you ruthless world i need my routines such a lot of things that i’ve promised to you so many of things that haven't been done it’s not that i was not honest with all that somehow it used to make more fun oh my merciless world give me my duties oh relentless world give me my routines
Tracks 04:39
gray rectangles everywhere in all directions and in the air tar is springing out of between precisely tiled infinity paths and walls are all the same a thousand doors, a million names steps lead up to lead down again and dreams, hoped not to be dreamed again a cosmos of concrete, of rules, processes, barriers, schedules connections build up and conclusions form first aversions to the uniform rejection, hate and treachery a world full of curiosities an invisible line right through the pain i follow it anyway
i believed it was a good idea to just go to sleep wake up only when it’s all over and there’s no more reason to weep now i’m afraid to awaken and there is no one left i think I'd better stay asleep stay dreaming in the depths
A Pity 04:02
don’t you ever feel the need to be more than just to be and contribute to society wouldn't that be unselfish would you ever feel complete wouldn’t you miss the company not using your sacred ability wouldn’t that be a pity we don’t feel a fear we cannot wait we want to disappear forever tell me what is here what a great world we want to disappear forever is it all about defense about demonstrating strength a manic impulse to expand or is it fear of failure is it all about the end a dreadfull loss you must prevent is it solely in your hands is it simply pressure
Cruel 03:56
impulsive and inordinate blundering, inconsiderate unaware and innocent vulnerable and violent adorable and cute uncomprimisingly cruel so capable to do things so unspeakable crude undepraved and curious hesitant but unscrupulous unsuspecting, adventurous a little scared but brave enough adorable and cute uncomprimisingly cruel so capable to do things so unspeakably crude trying out what words can do experiments with the truth finding out what can be done exploring the bounderies of fun of what is making fun first throwing a little dirt then working out what really hurts what really hurts uncomprimisingly cruel so capable to do things so unspeakable crude
Asylum 04:06
this is a very uncomfortable trip a kind of exhibition of some serious shit a museum about some really sick some mentally ill i’ll show you a bit. come closer and have a look through the glass they are always pleased about any kind of guest. don’t be too surprised they don’t behave at their best if you wanna say hi don't worry, we're safe go ahead yes, i play and i feign and i fool you and I fake i am a failure myself, but I watch each of your mistakes let's see how you look and what you do and what you wear your feelings and your thoughts – i don’t care don't take this too seriously don't let it get through the most important thing is the thick wall between that and you is this your first time you see crazy shit like that? this is an insane asylum and you ain't seen nothing yet
Nothing Left 03:51
no one talks no one has memories no one wants to tell me something about you like you never walked on earth like you never said a word like there’s nothing left of love nothing left of love no one talks no one has some stories about you no one recalls i got just some faded pics of you it’s like you never walked on earth it’s like you never said a word it’s like there’s nothing left of love it’s like you never walked on earth
Meadows 04:09
i am walking over grass nothing more exists everything has passed nothing could persist i lie down on the ground smelling earth and grass i put my arms around myself i feel becoming less
Home 04:20
on cerberus we want to dance on cerberus we’re holding hands on cerberus we want to move on cerberus we’re in the mood and we hope no one followed to this place in outer space i’m in love with it i’m in love with it i was always longing for here never longing back never ever going back i was always belonging here on ganymede we want to land another favourite destination on ganymede we are at home just as we are on callisto


released February 22, 2022




Heart of Stone Hamburg, Germany

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